Units with a Display

These Monitoring units have a digital display and keypad for information and control

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Units without a Display

No bulky display, just the power of a Madman monitoring unit behind a a single easy to install button.

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Vehicle Specific Kits

We have a range of pre-packed kits to suit a range of engines and vehicles. If it's not here, we can make it for you !

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Function Specific Kits

Pre-Packed kits to suit a specific function you wish to add to your system

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  • Doug Morrison

    I REALLY APPRECIATE your work and amazing support!! I am really looking forward to getting this installed.
    ... Cheers!

    A Lifelong customer

  • Corno Els

    Friendly people best service!

  • Francois Moller

    Excellent product. Fantastic service.

  • Jose Marques

    Excellent products !

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- Madman Developments LLC (USA Est.2022) / Madman Developments (Pty) Ltd (South Africa Est. 2002) -

Designers & Distributors of Electronic Engine and Machine Monitoring Systems

  • 2002 LandyOnline Workshop

    It all started in a Auto repair shop installing simple units in Land Rovers in South Africa many years ago

  • 2014 Growth

    LandyOnline was restructured and Madman became our main business. More focus, more resellers, increaced sales

  • 2021 Post-COVID

    We survived COVID. Lockdown, load-shedding, component shortages. We started our in-house R&D team

  • 2023 International !

    Expansion into the USA with Madman Developments LLC in Florida, USA