Technical Assistance - HELP !

Madman Developments will always support their products, even after many years of use. 

Our support process should follow these steps:

  1. RTFM ! Read the ..... manuals !. Do this to ensure you are able to install and operate the unit.
  2. Read the other technical documentation on the main site
  3. Watch the videos
  4. Send us an email detailing your query or problem
  5. Send us a Whatsapp message with photos or video if you like. If you don't have Whatsapp installed, get it, it's awesome..

Occasionally a video call over Whatsapp is required and can be much more constructive than an email or Whatsapp text / photo.


Whatsapp Link for Technical Support Youtube Link
Madman Developments Main Site
Whatsapp Youtube

We respond within 24 business hours, often sooner